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AntLion Zen Den
Price:  $15.95

Kit Includes:
-AntLion Den
-Den Sand
-2 Guaranteed Alive Ant Lions *Shipping Conditions Apply
-Easy care instructions

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2. Add Express Delivery (Optional) 
Next day delivery by noon or by 3:00 pm to many destinations. MORE INFO
If your low temps are 40 degrees or lower, Express Delivery is needed to guarantee that your ant lions will arrive alive. MORE INFO
What is an Ant Lion Zen Den? 

Imagine having a zen garden that acts as a habitat for small, but interesting little insects. These little creatures will doodle in the sand for you, then dig a pit to capture their food - the delicious ant. Much more interesting than a regular zen garden.

Why should you get an Ant Lion Farm Zen Garden?

  1. It's a great conversation piece. Your friends and co-workers will be amazed by your Ant Lion Zen Den. At first they will wonder how you made those perfect pits in the sand. Then when you drop an ant in the Zen Den, they will be shocked as to how the ant gets sucked under the sand.
  2. It's calming to the nerves. How can Ant Lions attacking ants be calming you ask? Well, when you're watching your Ant Lions, all your thoughts about work and the stresses of the day disappear. Also, watching the ant lions prepare their pits is quite interesting.
  3. It's productive. You will understand the circle of life in a more profound way. Your Ant Lion Zen Den will stir your creative thinking.
  4. It's low maintenance. This is probably the easiest pets to keep. Just drop a couple of ants in every couple days or so.
  5. It's cheaper than cable TV. Instead of watching nature shows on TV, watch it LIVE in your home or office.
  6. It's something no one else has. Everybody has Zen Gardens, but Ant Lion Zen Dens are just becoming popular.
  7. And finally... As my nephew says, "Because you want to see them eat up the ants, and suck up their juices." Spoken like a true kid.
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