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Name: Patrick
Date: 08/01/2003
Message: I recently got an antlion zen garden that came with one antlion but he was older and he was about cocoon himself. So i e-mailed told them the problem and they sent me two free antlions! These little guys are great and very easy to take care of. The service is the best i've ever had. I highly recommend to anyone.

Name: Chris from Redmond, WA
Date: 07/21/2003
Message: Thanks for the quick response and shipping. I happened to come across a link to your website by accident. I saw the link for ant lion farm and thought it might be a typo for ant farm, or perhaps a joke. I was astonished to find out that not only were you for real, but that ant lions are native to the US as well. I had always thought that the ant lion was some rare and unusual insect found in remote areas of the world. Well, of course I had to have one, and the price was very reasonable.

Name: Jonathan Mellen
Date: 06/22/2003
Message: Just wanted to say hi. Your mom directed me to this site. Jonathan Mellen

Name: Renee
Date: 06/19/2003
Message: I was searching ebay for an ant farm. I just happened to scan accross an ant lion farm and wondered what the difference was. I became interested and followed the link at the bottom of the page in hopes of finding something more 'adult' looking. I had a hard time deciding between them.... I think these are awesome Christmas gifts and I wanted to see if I could buy them before hand for the recipients without worrying about the critters until the gifts are recieved.... I decided to buy because a Doodlebug Zen Garden is one of the coolest things I've ever heard of. And the designs match my decor... and I like bugs anyway. COMMENT FROM ANTLIONFARMS: Regarding purchasing Kits in advance as gifts, that will be no problem. Just place your order and let us know when you would like your gifts to arrive, and we will make sure they arrive alive and on time.

Name: Jacki Riedeman
Date: 06/14/2003
Message: My daughter received a habitat for her birthday last month, and we have really enjoyed it! So has my three year old son. However, when we received the habitat one of our antlions never did act quite "right." He didn't dig a pit and he never ate any of the ants we put in the habitat, unlike the other one. This last week we finally decided he had "gone to antlion heaven." He stayed on top of the sand and never moved...for several days. So we are down to one antlion, but enjoying the experience of sharing him with others! I even shared the info with the students I teach in high school. The only problem...we are having a hard time finding people who are willing to "antlion sit" while we go on vacation this summer! :-) COMMENT FROM ANTLIONFARMS.COM: It is always a sad occasion when one of our little guys leave us unexpectedly :( In situations like this, we offer to replace the "dearly departed" at no charge.

Name: Alex
Date: 06/14/2003
Message: My antlions are still doing good after a couple of months, and they love to eat! Even if I forget to feed them one day, they are ready to catch ants the next day. It's fun to watch. I like telling people that my pets are guinea pigs, fish, and ANTLIONS. They have never heard of people having antlions for pets, so they always want to know more about my antlions!

Name: Kevin Youngblood
Date: 06/08/2003
Message: The ant lions have been really fun. I like to see the ants being eaten by the ant lions. They are easy to take care of because they can eat other kinds of bugs - not just ants. I fed them tiny, baby crickets that came with the big crickets I got for my lizard. The ant lions liked a small moth [as well].

Name: Nick
Date: 05/29/2003
Message: I'm really excited to get my ant lions. I do sciency stuff with middle school kids. I was investigating ant farms for my kids next year when I found your web site by chance. I've known about ant lions for some time and used to drop ants into thier pits whenever i found some. So when i found your web site it was just too good to pass up. Don't worry I'll deffinetly send a photo when I get them.

Name: Janet
Date: 05/10/2003
Message: They came today, much to the delight of my 7-year-old. We thought the ant lions were dead for a while. It took about 5 minutes before one finally moved. Then over the next 5 minutes, the other two started moving. Actually, they all started digging (backwards) into the sand. After about 2 hours, they've now all started digging their pits. But they managed to nab some of the ants we put in there even before the pits were done. I'll let you know how it goes and what pictures I get. Thanks for the quick shipment.

Name: Daniel Martinez
Date: 05/05/2003
Message: I just received my antlions and have to say that it is the best educational purchase I've made in a long time. My kids are having a GREAT time feeding them and learning about nature. AND, the people in are honest people that you can trust.

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